Here is a list of numerous outside references to Chuck E. Cheese's in popular culture.

The Adventures of Kid DangerEdit

In "Tiny Todller, Kid danger in on "Funk E. Fester".

The Angry BeaversEdit

In "EasyPeasy Rider", Dagget and the motorcycle gang visit "Chunky Cheeks".

Animal Crossing: The Animated SeriesEdit

In "Unhappy Birthday" Tangy mentions a place similar to Chuck E. Cheese's and Rocky Raccoon's known as "Benji Beezow's Pizza And Fun" when Nana celebrated her birthday on August 23.

Aqua Teen Hunger forceEdit

where lisa ann ods on coke

Back at the BarnyardEdit

In "Arcade of Doom", Otis takes the Barnyard gang for lunch at "Donk E. Cheez".

Battle for Dream Island AgainEdit

Gelatin's Steakhouse

In "Get in the Van", there is a place called "Gelatin's Steakhouse".


Screenshot (118)

In "Weekend at Schnitzel's", Chowder and Schnitzel visits "Carlito con Queso's", where Schnitzel falls in love with an animatronic named Senorita Mesquite.



In "Money Broom Wizard", Clarence, Sumo, and Jeff visit a place called "Pizza Swamp".

The Cleveland ShowEdit

A branch appeared in this show, referred to as "Cheese E. Charlie's".

Cow and ChickenEdit

A robot bear

One episode features a Chuck E. Cheese's-like restaurant where a bear and an octopus are seen playing the xylophone and piano, respectively.

Danny SanchezEdit

On many episodes; there was a place called "Gerb E. Gerbil's".

Dexter's LaboratoryEdit

In "Chubby Cheese's", Dexter, Dee Dee and their parents visit "Chubby Cheese's Pizza and Amusement Emporium Barn".

Drake & JoshEdit

There is a place called "Chuck E. Cheddar's".


In "Spares", An arcade that is similar to Chuck E. Cheese's, But with no animatronics, mascots, and pizza.

Ever After HighEdit

In "Beauty Birthday Blowout!", Apple White and her Friends are going to Briar Beauty's Birthday at "Parmesan Coyote's Pizza & Arcade Fun House".

The Fairly OddParents!Edit

Season 1 Episode 3a: "A Wish Too Far!" (originally aired April 13, 2001)

Trixie mentions that she can take her friends to "Skippy Cheese's Pizza Place".

Season 5 Episode 61b: "Birthday Wish!" (originally aired May 9, 2005)

Timmy, Chester and A.J. go to "Mike E. Mozzerella's Pizza Fun House", after recieving invitations from Tootie, but doesn't know about it.

Season 6 Episode 85: "The Fairly Oddlympics" (aired August 1, 2008)

Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof goes to Fairy World and visit "Jorgen's Pizza + Duck-Zook Parlour".

Family GuyEdit

In "Chitty Chitty Death Bang", there is a place called "Cheesy Charlie's".

Five Nights at Freddy'sEdit

The horror video game series takes place at "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza" after dark. It's a decrepit and dingy place with homicidal animatronics, serious health code violations, and a gruesome history. The security guard works at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

Foster's Home for Imaginary FriendsEdit

There is a place called "Game Hive Arcade".

A Goofy MovieEdit

In one scene, Goofy takes Max to "Lester's Possum Park", with animatronics, games and walk-around characters that are parodied.

Gravity FallsEdit

S2e5 hoo ha jamboree wideshot

In "Soos and the Real Girl", Soos takes his girlfriend on a date to a place called "Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree".


After the titlular protagonist Hercules defeats the Hydra, he becomes a Chuck E. Cheese's-style inspiration by selling merchandise, entertaining kids from all over, and even writing autographs, similar to Chuck E. Cheese's.


In "iBust a Thief", Spencer spends hours in an arcade-pizzeria called "Funk E. Fester's" trying to win "Murray the Magic Dolphin" for 1000 "game points" and Toys Figures.

Invader ZimEdit

In "Bloaty's Pizza Hog", Zim gets captured by Dib and takes him to a location of the same name.

Is a Crocodile a Reptile?Edit

In "At the Party", Jock takes Cork, Winston, Emmett, Jason, Joe, and Irwin to "Tom E. Tomato's".

Johnny BravoEdit

In "Johnny Meets Donny Osmond", Donny takes Johnny to a place called "Petey the Horse's Burger Fun House".

Johnny TestEdit

In one episode, Johnny manipulates his sister to go to "Sir Lance-a-Luck Pizza".

Kenan & KelEdit

In one episode, the Rockmores (except Kenan and his best friend, Kel) go to a Chuck E. Cheese's-style pizzeria called "Pizza Farm".

Kim PossibleEdit

In one episode, Kim's parents takes Kim to "J.P. Bearymore's Pizza Party-torium" for her 10th birthday party.

Lego FriendsEdit

In "Oh, Brother!" Olivia and the Gang take her little brother Cole to our Pizza Place named "Pat E. Parmesan's" and his celebrated Mia's little brother Izzy's Birthday Party.

Lilo & Stitch: The SeriesEdit

In one episode, Nani takes Lilo, Stitch and the gang to "Macki Macaw's".

The Loud HouseEdit

S1E20B Gus' Games and Grub

In "The Waiting Game", Lincoln gets Lori a job at a Chuck E. Cheese-like arcade called "Gus' Games and Grub".

Toys and Figures.

S2E23A Spunk E. Pigeon's Pizza Palooza Paradise

In "Read Aloud", The Loud Family attempts to win a trip to a Chuck E. Cheese like family entertainment restaurant called, "Spunk E. Pigeon's Pizza Palooza Paradise" by participating in a book reading contest at the local library. However, Lola refuses to read, but eventually does thanks to Lincoln helping her. However, the contest ends too late and the family loses.

The Mighty B!Edit

In "Penny Hearts Joey", Bessie and the Honeybees visit "Jumpin' Joey's".

My Gym Partner's a MonkeyEdit


In "Supplies Party", Adam goes to "Pig E. Porker's Pizza Palace" for his birthday.

Phineas and FerbEdit

In "Raging Bully", when Dr. Doofenshmirtz tells Perry about his childhood, he told him that when he was a little kid, he went to "Gunther Goatcheese's" for his birthday.

Pig Goat Banana CricketEdit

Greasy Gus 1

In "Bananaland", Goat goes to a place called "Greasy Gus's".

Pinky and the BrainEdit

In one episode, Pinky throws a party for Brain at "Chunky Cheesy".

Polly Pocket (2018)Edit

In "Missing Link?", Polly, Lila, Shani and her family take to Paxton to Pizza Place named Chunk E Monkey's Pizza Jungle, Then Gwen has Kidnapped Chunk E Monkey and Having a Date. Polly and her gang will Rescue Chunk E Monkey after Gwen.

The Powerpuff GirlsEdit

In "Keen on Keane", Professor Utonium and Ms. Keane go on a date at "Pete's-a-Pizza", where the girls spy on them.

Regular ShowEdit

In "Fuzzy Dice", Mordicai, Rigby, Benson, Skips, Muscle Man and HFG go to get Pops' Fuzzy Dice from the "Fun Fun Zone".


Season 2 Episode 35a: "The Slide" (originally aired March 28, 1993)

When Chuckie told Tommy, Phil and Lil about the slide, Chaz took Chuckie to "Pizza Puppet Place".

Season 5 Episode 87b: "Piggy's Pizza Palace" (originally aired December 27, 1997)

Stu and Drew took Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Angelica to a place called "Piggy's Pinball Pizza Palace".

Season 3 Episode 133a: "Sister Act" (originally aired January 26, 2001)

While Angelica was seeking a sibling, she took Tommy to an arcade place that resembles Chuck E. Cheese's, so she can get him to win the Cynthia Beach House.

Sanjay and CraigEdit

There is a place called "The Frycade". Unlike Chuck E. Cheese's, the Frycade doesn't have a mascot, and serves wings instead of pizza (due to the word "Fry" on the Frycade).

Also, in the episode "Rash Thrash", Craig and Hector go to a place called "Mon E. Cheese's". It also appeared in "Heartyface".

Shake It UpEdit

In "Surprise It Up", Flynn visits a place called "Tuck E. Tuco's" for his cousin's birthday party.


In "Shop Party", Rainbow Kate and Peppa-Mint visits a pizza place called "Joe E. Jaguar's" her Bubbleisha's birhtday party.

The SimpsonsEdit

Season 3 Episode 48: "Radio Bart" (originally aired January 9, 1992)

Bart sneaks out from his house to go to "Wall E. Weasel's".

Season 10 Episode 206: " Bart the Mother" (originally aired September 27, 1998)

The family goes to "Family Fun Center" with an arcade that is similar to Chuck E. Cheese's.

Sister, SisterEdit

One episode shows that the sisters goes to a place called "Buck E. Bee's", and the other episode features a place called "Buck E. Duck's".

South ParkEdit

There is a place called "Whistlin' Willy's" (formerly "Crust E. Krotch's"). Also, in the episode "Raisins", the boys go to a place with the same name that is Hooter's for kids.

SpongeBob SquarePantsEdit

Season 3 Episode 55b: "Mid-Life Crustacean" (originally aired January 24, 2003)

When SpongeBob and Patrick took Mr. Krabs for fun, they took him to "Bunny Buns", in which it totally embarrasses Mr. Krabs.

Season 9 Episode 190b: "Tutor Sauce" (originally aired July 26, 2015)

Mr. Krabs takes SpongeBob to an arcade that resembles Chuck E. Cheese's, where SpongeBob rides a simulator driving ride.

The SpongeBob SquarePants MovieEdit

After SpongeBob didn't get the promotion, he went to "Goofy Goober's Ice Cream Party Boat", and Patrick cheered SpongeBob up by eating too much ice cream and dancing onstage with Goofy Goober from being sad. Unlike Chuck E. Cheese's, Goofy Goober's is an ice cream restaurant.

Spring BreakersEdit

At one point, Brit, Candy, Cotty, and Faith rob a place called "Cluck E. Clayton's Chicken Shack". Like Chuck E. Cheese's, Cluck E. Clayton sells merchandise, entertains kids from all over, and even writes autographs. However, unlike Chuck E. Cheese's, Cluck E. Clayton's Chicken Shack serves chicken rather than pizza.

Steven UniverseEdit

There is a place called "Funland Arcade".

That's So RavenEdit

In "Four's a Crowd", Raven and Cory go to a Chuck E. Cheese-like place called "Pizza Pals".

Tiny Toon AdventuresEdit

In the "Weekday Afternoon Live" segment "Cheezy Sneezers", Li'l Sneezer takes Buster, Plucky and Hamton to a place called "Cheese E. Sneezer's", and the song is similar to the old commercial song.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 TV series)Edit

In "Phantom of the Sewers", there is a place called "Willy Wombat Pizza Pan Theather".

Tom Goes to MayorEdit

In "WW Laserz", Tom's idea for a World War II-themed restaurant is horribly warped by the Mayor's nephew Terry and becomes the restaurant of the episode's namesake.

Toy StoryEdit

Pizza Planet2

In one scene, Andy goes to "Pizza Planet", but now that he can't find his new toy Buzz Lightyear to take with him, he takes Woody instead.

Total DramaRama Edit

In "Having the Timeout of Our Lives", Duncan showed Owen "Chunk E. Cheddar", an arcade that was closed down a month ago where he always goes to for his time-outs.

T.U.F.F. PuppyEdit

Pete-Za Possum

In "Share-A-Lair", the T.U.F.F. group hides at a place called "Peet-Za-Possum's".


In "The Ballad of Little Joe", there is a place called "Rootin' Tootin' Pizza Place".

Wander Over YonderEdit

In "The Fremergency Fronfract", Wander, Sylvia and Lord Hater go to a place called "Gelatinous Bob's".

The Whys!Edit

in "Why-Fi", there was a place called Crust E. Crab's Lobster Shack. Unlike Chuck E. Cheese's, Crust E. Crab's Lobster Shack is a lobster and burger restaurant.

Wizards of Waverly PlaceEdit

In one episode, Max goes to "Pat E. Pepperoni's" to celebrate his cousin's birthday.