The Helen Henny Revolutions were a series of political upheavals concerning the billing of the Pizza Time Players.

Disputes began in early 1982, when Helen Henny noticed that her Walkabout character was getting considerably less attention than Charles Entertainment Cheese at birthday parties.  Nolan Bushnell, founder of Charles Entertainment Cheese Fun Kids Players Time Puppet Pizza Animatronic Restaurant Salad Bar Animated Musical Revue and Arcade, credited this to the, and I quote, "inherent belief in young children that a talking mouse with a Brooklyn accent will be considerably more popular than some idiot hen".  Henny was not alerted of Bushnell's reaction at the time of the interview, as she was in the middle of Showtape #79 at the time, but found out at a later date.

Disputes came to a climax in 1983, when multiple skirmishes between Henny and Cheese began to break out at several C.E.C.F.K.P.T.P.P.A.R.S.B.A.M.R.a.A.s across the continental United States.  In one Detroit suburb, violence between the chicken and the mouse escalated into a full-on brawl that emptied the restaurant.  There was one casualty: Heatherington P. Hetherington, age nine, was too engrossed in his "Turtles In Time" video game to escape the brawl.

Following this display of gross violence incited by both Henny and Cheese, the decision was made to can Helen Henny in favor of Mister Munch.  Bushnell commented on the character change and cited "continued ignorance from the McDonald's legal team and attention whoring on the part of Helen Henny" as the reasons for the character change.